Channel 4: Sonic DeScrambler


The Sonic De-Scrambler was an audio spectrogram visualisation tool I developed for the TV show Easter Eggs Live, which was broadcast on Channel 4 over easter weekend. Sound recordist Chris Watson was using contact mics to listen to the sounds coming from inside the eggs and the producers of the show wanted to provide a visual display of the sound. The visualisation software was developed in Processing and was based on code written by John Locke and Kyle Janzen. The additional features which I added were:

  • Frequency labels
  • Ability to view amplitude in dB or linear scales
  • Switchable viewing angle
  • Fade effect
  • Audio signal display
  • Discards old data (original version accumulated data which meant the frame rate dropped over time)
  • Increased resolution
  • Colour fades from red (low freq.) to blue (high freq.)

The code can be downloaded here.



Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 22.38.16