Lotherton Hall: Christmas Experience

Over a single month the Lotherton Hall interactive Christmas Experience attracted over 64,000 visitors.


An audio-visual performance piece in collaboration with Christian Heinrichs.

Channel 4: Sonic DeScrambler

Live spectrogram software, developed for visualising sounds inside eggs for Channel 4’s ‘Easter Eggs Live’.

Rhythm is a Dancer

A generative visualisation of the physiological data of a tango, burlesque, and ballet dancer. Commissioned for the ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ event at the Wellcome Collection in London.

London Eye: Mood Conductor

Work I undertook during a research placement with Cinimod Studio. Design of software to allow people to control the lights on the London Eye with arm movements and their heart beats.

Bomb Disposal Robot

An imitation bomb disposal robot built for artist Richard DeDomenici.

Digital Shoreditch ‘Scareathon’ Winners

An interactive ‘feely box’ with some hidden surprises. Winning project the Digital Shoreditch ‘Scareathon’

DIY Wireless Physiological Sensor

A DIY wireless heart rate and respiration sensor, scaleable and open source. Instructions included.

Heart Beat Computer Game

A cyclically mediated heart beat controlled computer game, built using an old exercise bike, computer screen, and decommissioned hospital physiological monitor.

Christmas Lectures

Software and hardware to visualise the live heart rate of an audience member during the 2011 Christmas Lectures.